2014 Vintage: A letter from Mike Wade
There always seems to be a moment of retrospect when a new vintage is released. For 28 months the grapes at Riverbend Vineyard have evolved through each stage of the winemaking process and resulting in something truly enjoyable. The process of winemaking may appear to be quite glamorous though it requires specific attention to detail […]
Building an Oak Tank
By: Tyler Armour This Fall, for the first time, Fielding Hills Winery will be utilizing an upright conical oak tank for fermenting and aging a portion of red wine.   This 30hL (hectoliter – see definitions below) or 793-gallon oak tank is currently being constructed in Cognac, France.  Throughout the construction, the cooperage has been […]
See Our View Through Rosé Colored Glasses
By Megan Wade   Not long ago, mentioning Rosé to a serious wine-o was laughable. Those days are a distant memory as Rosé has seen an explosive rebirth. Throughout the world, and Chelan is no exception, winemakers are paying attention to the demand for Rosé. In fact, Rosé is perhaps the oldest known type of […]
2013 Ratings
We are excited to share rates of our 2013 vintage. This vintage is near and dear to our heart as it is the last vintage produced at our Wenatchee location, beginning in 2014 all production was in Chelan. Our 2013 vintage will be released to the general public at the end of March/beginning of April. […]
2012 Ratings
Cabernet Sauvignon 93 points – Wine Enthusiast 90 points – Wine Spectator  #8 Cabernet Sauvignon in Washington State—Seattle Met magazine Cabernet Franc 91 points – Wine Enthusiast 91 points – Wine Spectator Syrah 91 points – Wine Enthusiast 91 points – Wine Spectator Merlot 91 points – Wine Enthusiast Tribute 91 points – Wine Enthusiast […]
2011 Ratings
Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Spectator – 90 pts Wine Enthusiast – 90 pts Syrah Wine Spectator – 91 pts Merlot Wine Spectator – 92 pts Wine Enthusiast – 91 pts  Tribute Wine Spectator – 90 pts