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2013 Vintage: A letter from Mike Wade

Releasing a new vintage is always an exciting time of year.  As many wine drinkers know, there is almost an infinite number of variables in the winemaking process, all of which play into how the finished wine evolves and results into the finished product.  These variables, over a three and a half year period, results in a collective exhale around the winery once a vintage is released for sale.

Harvest at our East Wenatchee location

The 2013 vintage is a special one.  While creating the 2013 vintage, Fielding Hills Winery experienced a considerable amount of growth.  Most notably, while 2013 was in the barrel, we moved our production to the shores of Lake Chelan and hired Tyler Armour as an assistant winemaker.  This move made the 2013 vintage the last year our wine was made in our East Wenatchee location; a historic moment both for the winery and me.  2013 also saw one of the warmest growing seasons on record making it a notable year for wine grape quality and winemaking throughout Washington state.  2013 was also the year we crushed our first vintage of Malbec.

Perhaps most importantly is the finished wine itself and I am very excited to share the 2013 vintage with everyone.  Each of the 2013 wines embodies the classic bold, fruit forward, and powerful reputation that Fielding Hills is known for.  Tasting notes for each of the wines can be found by clicking here.

In total our 2013 vintage features six red wines:

  • Cabernet Franc
  • Tribute
  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Syrah
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Total case production was around 1,300. Roughly, 187 cases of Cabernet Franc, 312 cases of Tribute, 127 cases of Merlot, 267 cases of Syrah, 99 cases of Malbec, 238 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Karen and I in the tasting room. Usually, I try to stay in production, but on a busy day, you may see me washing glasses or helping out.

While I am reflective about the process the grapes went through, I am equally enthusiastic about the memories that will be shared over a bottle of Fielding Hills wine.  I invite you and your loved ones to come join me and my family along the shores of Lake Chelan.


Mike Wade


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